Moving up from maintenance to Service

The SerVeA methodology for developing Value Added Service

SerVeA analyses the current situation applying its original 12 key domains-based approach covering business and Service:

  • Market potential,
  • Degree of control and performance,
  • The company's market share and offerings.

From this analysis, SerVeA works closely with company senior management and staff to establish a Service strategy and an implementation action plan.

SerVeA supports the business right up to successful implementation while focusing on:

  • Simple "Quick Wins" - applying best practices immediately,
  • Training and coaching (people issues, remote management of engineers, learning to sell services, etc.),
  • Working out plans for dealing with change throughout the organization,
  • Striving for creativity from all participants in action meetings,
  • Striving for efficiency with Kaizen, participatory Action Work-Out or decision-making Work Out,
  • Lean Six Sigma approach and tools.

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